Project Hope, In Defense of Animals

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Bringing Justice and Compassion to Rural America

In the sixteen years since she arrived in Mississippi, Doll Stanley has worked miracles through IDA's Project Hope - tirelessly rescuing abused and neglected animals while courageously investigating, exposing and ending animal suffering and abuse of unbelievable proportions. Her targets: animal auctions, puppy mills, animal dealers and thieves. Project Hope has brought hope where none existed.

Photo Gallery

Visit Project Hope's Photo Gallery for images of the animals rescued by IDA. The photos not only show happy images of successful adoptions of rescued animals but reveal the shocking conditions Director Doll Stanley encounters in her cruelty cases.

Caution: some of the photos show graphic images of animal abuse and neglect and may not be suitable for all.

Animals for Adoption

Animals that are up for adoption at Project Hope can be viewed at

There are animals that live at Project Hope that people could financially adopt.

If you like an animal you see and want to become a guardian to that animal, please inquire as to whether the animal is for adoption, or if you can only become a proxy guardian.

A Diary of Hope

Read Project Hope Director Doll Stanley's heart-wrenching accounts of her recent cruelty cases. You will be moved by her life saving rescues.

Check back regularly for a Project Hope update.